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When you see one of your opposition or fellow businessness owners making some huge inroads to success, will you find out how they are doing it, and tehn copy it, or will you just leave your business running as it always has.
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A fish and chip shop in Fremantle Western Australia were struggling, the owners bought in a marketing consultant called Mal, who specialized in direct response marketing to build your business, he was very successful in doing this.
He worked with them for a short time and took their business from selling 2.5 kgs of calamari to 250 kg per week.
An incredible improvement, their business was booming, one of his competitors spoke to him and said, “I see that your business is booming what did you do?”
The owner of the now very successful fish and chips told him exactly what he had done, remember he had paid Mal thousands of dollars, which he was very happy to as the ROI was huge.
The owner told Mal about the discussion to which Mal asked him “what did he do with this information, the owner replied “Nothing”.
How stupid is that he was given a recipe for success and did not use it.
This is why 87% of all restaurants are struggling as they are not prepared or will not do anything to change their situation.
There are many people and businesses out there who can make a difference to your business, yet they don’t take it up.
The number one reason is that they are to busy working in the business not on the business.
The wood chopper is massively working hard to cut the tree using a very blunt axe, someone asks him why don’t you sharpen the axe it will be much easier and quicker, The wood chopper replied “I don’t have time I am to busy cutting the tree.”
Does any of that sound like you.
Recently I was talking to the café business owner, he was telling me that he has built up several successful cafes and then he sells them, Now those cafes are struggling one of them he knows of is doing 66% in sales than when he owned them.
The one he is running at the moment is very successful and a great place to eat.
What he has found is the don’t listen and do what he has told them to do, they way that made it very successful for him.
Today there is no choice if you want to succeed, you have to market and try new things.
You have to get yourself out of the way as the majority of time it’s you at fault, it doesn’t have to be that way.
The top businesses and athletics today all have two things in common, they have a different mind set and they all have a coach.
By having this your success is nearly guaranteed.
Are you going to change?
If not now, then when?


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