Victorian’s Just got hit by a B-Double

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A while ago I said it felt like we where hit by a Mack Truck that we didn’t see coming, Victoria has now been hit by a B-Double, which we did see coming.

If you are in country Victoria you got hit by the Mack truck.

I believe the main reason Victoria is in this unbelievable situation compared to other states, is we did not do the right things at the start, there was a number of mistakes made and tough decisions they were not made.

The places that made those tougher decisions are now being reward. You, I and other Victorian’s are now paying for it.

Stephen Covey and American top selling author and brilliant businessman who wrote the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people” stated “To begin start with the end in mind”

The reason I wrote that last paragraph was for two reasons – one is that if the powers had a clearer picture of the end goal over this covid-19 situation, Victoria may be in a better position.

Secondly, for you, what do you want your business to look like when you have finished building your dream business or vision, the majority of new business owners and even myself said” I want to have my own business, so we did, I did no planning, I did make two decisions, one being, I knew I needed more then 4 employees, and the second, I had a line drawn in the sand of when to sell the business if things started to turn bad.

That was it, I opened the door and got on with it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to myself and I tried to save a sinking ship.

That’s another story for later.

Right now, you are thinking why we are talking about planning, I am just thinking about surviving in this time.

I can understand that, it does not mean you don’t plan for the actions you are going take to survive this.

Right now, I see some food business, very busy, others are shutting their doors, to stop the bleeding of money or for good.

As mentioned before some have even opened a new store.

Sounds crazy, but true

It is so important any business stops as much bleeding of cash and put in a plan and implement to survive.

It is not easy to be positive in these times, one thing that I have done is not watch the news, it’s full of negativity, and that’s what they sell negativity, yes you have to know what’s going on.

Get together with your staff, other business owners, family if they are involved, start brainstorming, look what is successful outside your area of expertise, and see if you can implement that.

Plan be positive and implement.

I wish for you, that you stay save and succeed in keeping your doors open

Stand Out = more Customers

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