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I posted this yesterday on my Facebook groups, I though it may give you a lift, we could all do with some.

“I Will Win! Why? I’ll tell you why because I have faith, courage, and enthusiasm!”

Tom Hopkins


If you have this, how can you fail, no matter what the odds are, you can still win. look at some of the Olympians, some of them won because they were there in the race (and coming last at some stage) and if you are in the race you have a chance. There is no chance of winning if you are a spectator.

I put an ad in marketplace to sell some Christmas tree lights, I got a reply in hrs, he wanted to come the next day to pick them up, when he arrived, he showed me how many lights he had already purchased, he was talking about 1000’s of them.

I thought he was crazy!, until he told me the story, his wife and himself every year in a town called Dunolly in central Victoria set up their front yard with all those thousands of lights, you may be thinking plenty of people do this.

Their reason was so that the handicap kids in his area can come and see them and enjoy the bright beautiful color lights, this gives these kids such enjoyment. Their reason for doing this, as they have a son in that situation, that is why.

Then I discovered the real reason why he was travelling all over Victoria was last Christmas they had nearly finished pulling it all down, and his wife came and said let’s go to the bakery, off they went and left 5 packed boxes of lights all neatly packed in their front yard.


Yes, you guessed it, some moron came past and pinched all 5 boxes, how low is that?

I was so shocked, I forgot to give him his money back.

What I am going to do is find some more lights for them and send them to them.

If you have some to donate let me know?

The reason for telling you this is, by doing something for the community can have a big impact on your business, it connects you with your local people, it can get you free publicity, by having the story printed in the local paper.

The power of PR should never be underestimated.

Many people and businesses have become world known overnight, just by an article, post or TV interview that has gone viral.

It makes you feel good and others feel good about you.

Remember the saying?

“We must give in order to receive more”.

Many successful people have stated they believe that to be so true.

Standout more customers

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