Di Downie – Western Australia

“Victor Little’s experience comes from real life business experience, not theory or some guru”

Olivia – Adelaide

“What a magnificent coach you have been. You are completely countable, and your commitment to me and our group has been unquestionable.

Thank you for pushing me especially at times that I don’t want to be pushed.”

Jackie – Pakenham

“It is with great appreciation that Victor has positively offered his knowledge in marketing .

Victor’s knowledge and guidance with this plan has been exceptional and with that I have been able to achieve a very pleasing result.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Kurt – Australia’s Email Marketing guru

“The quality of speakers Victor organized, the depth of content they provided was
immensely superior to many business seminars I have attended.

I thoroughly recommend all business owners to attend other Victor Little
Business Expos, you’d be crazy to miss out on the chance to grow your business”

Sammi – melbourne

“Dear Victor

Thanks for all your help and guidance that you have given us.

You have been truly amazing and a great coach, couldn’t have done it without you”

June – Melbourne

“My business was definitely in the right place last Saturday when it was in your hands at the Business in Action Expo.

In my opinion, the Speakers on the Day were some of the best I have seen and were very relevant for all business’s and especially small business. There is much that I am acting on in my business through the information I obtained at the Expo. My business growth will take a sharp rise and be better protected once I have all these things in place.

Once again, Thank you”

Bob – Melbourne

“very rare these days to find businesses who deliver what they promise.

victor little is one of those people.

I recommend that you give him a call

and I’m sure he can help”

David – Outdoor Creations

“I run a very successful landscape client company

called outdoor creations

and on another note, I have known victor

on and off for number of years we used to work together

or at least volunteer together in a training program where we

instructed participants in how to run community projects

I can tell you without hesitation That victor was great.

He really was genuinely committed to all the participants

and he is someone I hold in high regard”

Kurt – Johansen International

“he was able to help me,Oh, let’s say work through.

Some issues work through some problems.

That does happen in business, which is real life stuff.

Now this is stuff That you can’t go and read from a textbook or learn

You need to actually Get inside a person’s brain his experienced, really come to the forefront.

You’re looking for any help in business from an experience person Vic little is the man to go to”

Melanie – Mexico

“I really want to thank you, Victor, for your teachings on how to create the perfect testimonial

and for giving me the possibility to get to know so many different forms of testimonials.

And I already confirmed that by having testimonials they are much more interested in your product.

it’s important to have those testimonials out there, and it helps you, to attract much more clients.

So, thank you, Victor, and you helped me so much thanks a lot.”

Miranda – Home brewing Institute

“Hi, my name is Miranda Hopdate work at the home brewing institute.

I’m currently being on a marketing workshop with Victor and his knowledge in marketing

has immensely help me.

With no marketing background to be, to be able to develop my skills in the area

and sell myself and my services.

I would definitely recommend doing business with him in the future.”

June – Pakenham Upper

“At horses can be fun We basically trained beginners, people, helpers Horses, coaching.

We do many things but involved in that business is also having a small business.

And being able to run with that, now having come from the corporate world.

When I set up my business, I didn’t know a lot about small business.

In fact, I’ve learned a lot more about how much I didn’t know I had the opportunity to work quite a few times.

Now, Victor, we’ve attended many courses got lots of information

I often need to seek clarity and Victor has a very good ability.

To being able to take multiple facets of information.

Put them into one very streamlined system.

And Gives me bits at work so I can assure you if you want to have someone to coach you.

Someone with good business knowledge.

Someone with a broad round outside the normal mainstream

He is your man”