Ready to Open Your Restaurant?

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In Victoria on the 1st of June, in 7 days’ time, you are going to be allowed to open gradually.

What does this mean and are you ready?

South Australia did a back-flip and allowed pubs to open as long as you purchased a meal, the same thing is going to happen in Victoria.

The most amazing thing was that some venues opened in 1 and a half hours after the announcement, serving drinks and meals, WOW!

Are you ready or getting ready for this?

I am not a negative person; you have to look at both sides about this opening. It is going to be good and bad for restaurants, depending on your size.

The positive side is that you can be back in action and doing what you do best, serving great food and giving great service to people sitting at your tables, and some time after that in full swing.

Overseas, the issues that have been seen are-

Some restaurants decided not to open, as they believed that it was to risky and where not prepared to put their customers, staff, or themselves at risk.

They did not open as the restrictions that are forced upon them, to open, would not allow them to be profitable, with the amount of staff needed to the ratio of customers that were allowed in at one time.

In restaurants and cafes, many of the staff are part time and casual, with the government payments scheme, part timers started to receive a payment from the government, with an amount  larger than what they would of received if they were working. They now do not want to give that extra payment up and come back to work, to earn less money, Businesses are now seeing a shortage of staff.

Where are you going to find staff if you need them? Check to ensure they are willing to come back if you need them.

You are going to have to be more vigilante in keeping to the rules and being the enforcer as you are going to get customers upset about keeping to your rules. Previously. the only issue was a noisy or complaining customer.


One question that many will have to ask themselves is what are we going to concentrate on, Takeaways, deliveries as of now, or concentrate on the inhouse patrons?

Many believe that it will not go back to normal as before and people have now got use to eating at home in the comfort of their own homes, this could change the face of the industry forever.

The expectation is that restaurants will now always have to be more sterile and extra cleaning regimes put in place, which will add to your operating costs.

These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself and think about before opening your tables.

What is going to help you, is to have systems in place and a plan that everyone knows about and can follow. These have to ensure the new guidelines are adhered to, as you do not want a $10,000 fine.

A restaurant did get fined as the owner allowed 3 of his friends to sit at a table and have a beer.

You cannot afford that to happen to you.

I wish you nothing but success in this opening period.




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