Personalize package training




Victor Little has changed many businesses throughout

Australia through his proven

3-step-by-step process

In these live events you will learn how to:

  • Personalize your business in a way that grabs attention and makes you unforgettable from your first point of contact Whether it is face to face or online.
  • Package all the systems that will have you attract potential customers and turn these into customers, then into clients and from there into Raving fans, who want to keep coming back
  • Produce results that will amaze  you, spend no or very little on advertising, yet customers keep rolling in, even in your slow times. Your raving fans will do this for no cost.

These Transformational Live Events are for you if…

  • If your Restaurant has gone from living the dream to becoming a nightmare.
  • Your Restaurants that are in the Red and you want it to get back in black.
  • You’re a Business professional who is looking to differentiate themselves in a way that makes them the only “ Logical Choice”
  • You want to understand how to effectively communicate  offline and online.
Those who want their food premises to stand out and be seen.
If you want to learn effective marketing that produces results for little or no money down
People who are prepared to make decisions and want to change for the better
Anyone with a desire to position themselves as one of the top venues in the world.
You want to be seen as the place to go to, the first thought in their mind.
You want the rewards of a highly profitable business.
You have doubts about the direction your life and business should be heading
You have a desire to be able to sell without the feeling of being a salesperson,
so you can effectively promote your business in a way that generates significant results.


Victor Little has impacted thousands of peoples lives around the world,

through his businesses

Unlock your dream and passion ( Even if you think it is lost) and turn it into your dream business.
Start Monetizing your business of your dreams, Create new dishes, systems and ideas.
How to market and position yourself as the undisputed leader and only logical choice.
Turn Customers into raving fans.
Have them coming back forever

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to wear?

Dress the way you want to be perceived.

2. Is photography/recording allowed?

Yes during times specified by Victor.

3. What should I bring?

Healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up.

A sweater or a blanket – the room is kept very cold.

A charger for your phone.

A notebook and several pens.

A positive attitude.

4. Lunch?

60 minutes is given each day for lunch.  You can either bring your lunch or buy something near buy.  You will want to eat healthy.  You will want to avoid sugar and carbs as much as possible.

5. Breaks?

A 15 minute break is given every 2 hours.

6. Parking

I will always try to have a venue with parking close by

7. What time does it start?

Check Registration time as all events are different.

Watch this Space for the next up coming live event


Or you can email me at and I will

Then inform you of the next event closest to you.


There are two types of people in this world. The first group is very small.

They are the ones like yourself who work on getting what they want in life, are extremely successful, money abonnement, and are living their life on their terms.

They achieve this because, they are continually working on themselves being able to present to others in a way that is unforgettable.

The second group is made up of everyone else.

They leave their success to chance, live a frustrated life and wasting hours everyday, just existing, always falling short of the mark


Is that you want? If your still skeptical..

Give me some of your day. You will never be the same again. Once you learn what I teach you, unless you lose your memory, it will be impossible for you to ever be “ordinary” again.

It will be virtually impossible for you to Not  know  how to create the business of your dreams and an income you always dreamed of.

If you cannot cast aside your skepticism about me, then please do not waste your time reading any further, I do wish you luck.

These secrets are used by businesses all around the world, to create the lifestyle you dreamed of.

These techniques are not theories

They are Powerful

They are life-altering.

They are tried and tested

You deserve a great life, and this is based entirely on your choices, I hope you make the right choice for you.

Take action and find when the next opportunity is arising.

Victor Little