Its the Little Things that make the big difference

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What can you give away for free?

the little things that make a difference

It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

I hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas as I did with family and friends.

The new year is now upon us, and it’s time  to get serious about our businesses in 2021.

I was lucky enough to go to Painesville on the Gippsland lakes, for a couple of days enjoying boating and playing a couple rounds of golf with my partner and friends.

While driving there with Tina, we stopped at a general store for some food, the lady behind the counter after she served you, then said, “Give us a ring when you hit Bairnsdale and we will have your food ready for you” the bakery across the road had a 10 minute plus que and no ordering system.

And then handed you their card with their phone number on it.

This is something new to me.

At another place, the takeaway coffee came out, and on the lid they had hand wrote a saying “Don’t be afraid to dream big”

These small gestures can make a big difference to how your customer perceives you.

I remember going to a restaurant and in between courses they gave you a free cleansing plate to have your palate ready and fresh for the next course, ensuring you have the best experience with this dish.

I was impressed and grateful for this small gesture at no cost to me.

What small gestures can you do for your customers, to have them change the way they see you.

It does not have to be expensive or take a lot of work.

It’s the perceived value that your customer has that counts.


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