Free webinar 6 step Course

Have The Restaurant you dreamed off, Going from the Red to the Black

6 Step Course

Have The Restaurant you dreamed off, Going from the Red to the Black
Watch this Free 6 step course for you

Finally learn business and marketing strategies that are proven to
Generate the growth you once believed could never happen.
You will receive the fastest and most effective training to increase your sales
And profits in an amazing short time.
Have your Restaurant stand out and finally be seen, a que of people waiting to
be seated every day
This strategy is part of the formula responsible for making many businesses the top in their field, and becoming success stories.
Through Victor Little’s direction, training, and support, many unknown businesses have positioned themselves as the one to go to.
Now It’s your turn to stand out and be the business you dreamed of.

Victor Little has changed many businesses throughout Australia through his proven 3-step-by-step process

In 60 minutes or less you will learn how to:

  • Personalize your business in a way that grabs attention and makes you unforgettable from your first point of contact Whether it is face to face or online.
  • Package all the systems that will have you attract potential customers and turn these into customers, then into clients and from there into Raving fans, who want to keep coming back
  • Produce results that will amaze you, spend no or very little on advertising, yet customers keep rolling in, even in your slow times. Your raving fans will do this for no cost.

Who Should Attend?

  • If your Restaurant has gone from living the dream to becominga nightmare.
  • Restaurants that are in the Red and you want it to get back in black.
  • Business professional’s who are looking to differentiate themselves
    in a way that makes them the only “ Logical Choice”
  • Those who want to understand how to effectively communicate
    what they do offline and online.
  • Those who want their food premises to stand out and be seen.
  • If you want to learn effective marketing  that produces results for little or no  money down
  • People who are prepared to make decisions and want to change for the better
  • Anyone with a desire to position themselves as one of the top venues in the world.

What people say:

It is with great appreciation that Victor has positively offered his knowledge in marketing .

Victor’s knowledge and guidance with this plan has been exceptional and with that I have been able to achieve a very pleasing result.

Thank you Vic for sharing your knowledge.


Thanks for all your help and guidance that you have given us.
You have been truly amazing and a great coach, couldn’t have done it without you
Sammi Melbourne.

What a magnificent coach you have been. You are completely countable, and your commitment to me and our group has been unquestionable.

Thank you for pushing me especially at times that I don’t want to be pushed.

Olivia  Adeliade.

Kurt Johansen, Australia’s Email Marketing Guru.


I was fortunate to be on stage for Victor Little at his Business Action Expo
at Packenham.


The quality and the depth of content they provided was
immensely superior to many business seminars I have attended.


Victor made my experience easy, relaxing and rewarding.


The room set up and dynamics fostered transfer of information and education
for the attendees




I thoroughly recommend all business owners to attend other Victor Little
Business Expos,
you’d be crazy to miss out on the chance to grow your business.

Why Should You Attend?

    • You want to be trained by the same mentor that has

      taken businesses from nothing to profit in a quick time

    • You want the restaurant of your dreams to become a reality.

    • You have doubts about the direction  your life and business

      should be heading

    • You Know your passion and you have never found a way to

      monetize it effectively.

    • You want to be seen as the place to go to, the first

      thought in their mind.

    • You want the rewards of a highly profitable business.

    • You have doubts about the direction  your life and

      business should be heading

    • You have a desire to be able to sell without the feeling

      of being a salesperson, so you can effectively promote

      your business in a way that generates significant results.

Who Shouldn’t Attend?

  • If you’re a person who doesn’t like having fun.

  • A whinger and whiner, and its never  your fault

  • A negative attitude and believe it will never work.

  • Are not willing to share and  participate