Give and get more Customers

Do believe in Father Christmas? It really doesn’t if you do or not, this is about showing your customers that you care and think about them. […]

Video adds that look good and sell You

Looking for something different to post and stand out, or place this on your website. This can be done quickly and easily, I can do this […]

What can you give away for free?

“I cannot afford to do that”, this is what most business owners say, when it is suggested to them, to give something away for free. It […]

Its the Little Things that make the big difference

It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. I hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas as I did with family and friends. The […]

Victorian’s Just got hit by a B-Double

A while ago I said it felt like we where hit by a Mack Truck that we didn’t see coming, Victoria has now been hit by […]

Stand out Like Christmas Tree Lights

Always back yourself On the outside you seem crazy   I posted this yesterday on my Facebook groups, I though it may give you a lift, […]

Can You Afford to Loose a $100k

Tot Read more click here for newsletter Enjoy and please leave any comments   Standout,more Customers Victor”Chef Marketer”Little  

Ready to Open Your Restaurant?

In Victoria on the 1st of June, in 7 days’ time, you are going to be allowed to open gradually. What does this mean and are […]

Are you paying too much for your online ordering system?

Please don’t do what I once did and just put your head in a bucket to hide many years ago, about that another time, I do […]

Will You Take Action?

When you see one of your opposition or fellow businessness owners making some huge inroads to success, will you find out how they are doing it, […]
Christmas Promotions

Are Your Customers Leaving You?

And you don’t know why❓ That fact is that over 68% of the customers 🙅🏻 who are not buying from you anymore left because they felt unappreciated😟 , You […]